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Bright Futures is a national network of employability societies at over 25 universities across the UK. Run by students, for students and supported by MyKindaFuture, the Bright Futures Societies have been connecting students for over 40 years since the first society was established at Cambridge University in 1976.
Each society is run by a group of student leaders who work with a wide range of employers to bring their members great opportunities through events and experiences on campus.


MyKindaFuture is a social enterprise that work hard to raise skills and aspirations of young people each year.
Working with employer partners, together, we help give young people critical employability skills whilst connecting them with work experience, skills sessions and employment opportunities to ensure they succeed in life and at work.

MyKindaFuture manage and support the Bright Futures Societies at universities, by providing training, development, ongoing support and introducing employers to the societies to facilitate meaningful interactions.


It is really easy you just need to sign up and agree to join the Society which will then mean we can contact you about all the different opportunities, events, jobs and interesting articles that are relevant to you. We just ask you to tell us a bit about you that will allow us to send you information that will be relevant to you.


No, you can just sign up to attend a particular event that interests you, everyone is welcome to any of the Bright Futures Events hosted at your university. You can just sign up to attend the event without becoming part of the society.


As a member of the society, you will benefit from meeting employers face to face during interactive events where you can develop skills and build your CV. Whether you are set on your dream career or just starting to think about life after university, Bright Futures events and opportunities are open to all.

You can also attend other employer events like Insight Days. Hear first about job opportunities, competitions and online challenges.
You will also have access to online training and modules that will help you prepare for different stages of the application process.


Insight Days are held in an employer’s office, it is a chance to see what is like first hand and meet employees. The Insight Days are normally either a half day or full day and a chance to gain some valuable skills, be on radar of the employer and in some cases even be fast tracked through the recruitment process.

On campus events, are held at your university, where the employer comes onto campus to deliver a workshop/skills session. The event is organised by the Bright Futures Committee and open to all students at that university.


When you sign up for a MyKindaFuture Insight Day, we will call you to find out more about you, understand your interest in the organisation and the roles available. Chat through what will happen at the Insight day so that you can feel prepared for when you attend and get the most out of the day.


We would recommend you do some research into the organisation for the event you have signed up to, so that you can understand more about them, the job opportunities that might be available, this will also allow you to ask valuable questions when you get a chance and get the most out of your interaction and start to build your network.


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